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Dance School Lincoln

Established in 1991 by Joanne Haylock herself, Joanne Haylock School of Dance has become a know dance school in Lincoln

After Joanne’s hard work and dedication to the dance school and its pupils over 29 years, in January 2021 Miss Charlotte Spratt became the new dance school Principal and thrives to keep the same reputation for the school. Miss Charlotte hopes that any child that attends the school falls in love with dance as much as she has. Miss Charlotte trained with Miss Haylock from the ages of 3-18 and then was awarded a scholarship to Prestons Dance College where she gained full time dance training and teaching qualifications. After performing abroad, Miss Charlotte came back to Lincoln and taught alongside Miss Haylock at the dance school from 2014.

The dance school follows Royal Academy of Dance and the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance syllabi which has given the school a reputation for providing excellent standards of teaching. Both examination boards are of the world’s most influential dance education organisations. The school also delivers Progressing Ballet Technique exercises in classes to the students to help support their dance development alongside their normal training.

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We provide dance classes in


Ballet improves grace and posture, flexility and strength. It helps to develop social skills and instills confidence.

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Tap dancing has an endless amount of benefits. Tap increases strength, flexibility, and coordination.

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Modern Theatre dance is often seen on the stages of musical productions, known for its theatrical qualities.

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Jazz is a great way for the students to explore new dance, music styles and finding new ways to express themselves.

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Acrobatic Arts

Acro is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements.

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Classes are suitable for both recreation and for pupils wishing to pursue dance as a career and start for children as young as 3 up to young adult age. Pupils may be invited to join the successful Dance Festival team and enter competitions against other dance schools from around the country.

All children work towards examinations that take place every term alternating between ballet, tap & modern. Additional classes are undertaken to ensure that the children reach their full potential within the examinations.

The aim of the dance school and focus for all classes is that the children can have fun whilst developing strong physical rhythm and musicality.

Classes are delivered in disciplined approach to ensure that children remain focused and progress through the various grades which encourages confidence within their dance and gives the children a sense of pride and personal achievement as they move up through the grades. This has led to the school having many success stories such as Associate Programmes & gaining places at leading Performing Arts/Dance Colleges and Universities.

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